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An interesting day: having started with the online sale of AEGEA and ended with another swing at RUN TO ME; which desperately needs a new title. I’m currently considering something along the lines of ‘A LIGHT IN EVERY WINDOW.’ We’ll see.

In between Herr Howard, sans white suit, guided The Shredder through more on where they’d left off (in what Jeff calls ‘putting Howard through an existential experience.’) Howard’s retort was priceless. “I don’t get to make records like this anymore,” he said. “This is fun.” And together we voiced out a clearer map for R2M/ALIEW, stripping away previous guitars so all that was left were T Lee’s drums and a bass played by an unnamed soldier. In this I suggested an arpeggiated figure (ala ‘BABA O’REILLY’ and countless other imitators), Herr Willing making the funny face that says ‘bad idea, Maestro.’

I went on anyway, and within minutes proved him wrong. And showing restraint I didn’t mention our competing sales figures. Ahem! From there I meant to add Mellotron, Howard turning white. “I don’t like them,’ he said, sounding ominously like Veruca Salt’s brother Pepper. Tame strings were used instead, and with a little voila-TONIGHT, TONIGHT style 335 we had ourselves a dangblaster of a tune.

Lyrics for the ever-changing title are pretty much in order now too, after a few hours rhyming and miming.

Question: how many different words rhyme with ‘dream.’

Answer: just one. YOU

*cue audience moaning, Howard in back row listening to Genesis’ Abacab, not paying attention…


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