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No, this post isn’t about wrestling, although I’d say that Buddy Rodgers would know what to do with this album. For a swerve is never a bad deal when entertained.

How about this? We actually have moved on to some other tasks now that ANAISE is in the bottle. With The Shredder working up overdubs on ANTI-HERO and TIBERIUS, I started hacking away at lyrics/better lyrics/any lyrics at all.

I wish I had a computer program that had every couplet I’d ever written, and that could spit back at me if I’m somehow repeating myself. Would save some brain cells, y’all. So I’m goofed to say that I’ve got a decent block of ANTI-HERO cogent, something along the lines of a boy-girl-doo wop-he’s a rebel type schlamazzle. As you can see from this king’s English, there’s a reason I didn’t go to no college.

Slow work indeed, but signs that a finish isn’t far off…

Ended the day with TIBERIOUS middle-8 melodies and a clearer finish vocally, and then 90 minutes with Jeff to prepare for the acoustic show in August. Best news is each day is filled with music, music, music; and ANAISE, ANAISE, ANAISE.

*cue Howard, white suit, disco dance floor…


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