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I was once asked by a scribe what the sound of our forthcoming album ‘ADORE’ was going to sound like. “Techno,” I said, making a bad joke of my electronic inclinations. Only when the statement was bandied about in every free paper in the world did I realize the horror of my mistake.

So when I tell you that ANAISE sounds like disco, be forewarned; for I’m not joking. But is this the disco of your great-grandmother, or AVA ADORE. Or could it be the disco these kids are all stuck on, you know while their sucking lollipops and shit?

“NEWS FLASH: Chrome-domed lead singer of Pumpkins attacks lollipop-pop lovers…In a thinly veiled attack Billy Corgan (if that’s his real name) has gone after those of us who love vapidity. And it’s not his first brush with poplets. Corgan was once linked with an aspiring star who abandoned commercial music for a career in happiness…”

But I jest. And digress.

ANAISE, yes, her tormented soul upon me, demanded that we find inspiration in her rain slicked grooves. And we did. Bet you didn’t know I had it in me?

“NEWS FLASH: Pumpkins’ Corgan makes good music and brags about it…In yet another startling move the vampire toothed crooner has declared himself capable of his job. And how trite that he’d refer to his job as a job when we all know that there’s nothing hard about being self-absorbed.”


Tra-la, The Shredder and I now feel we have a tune worthy of the other 8. Now if we can only talk T Lee into wearing a headband like Myron Grombacher!

Wait, been there, done that!

“NEWS FLASH: The Great Gourd is at it again! Proclaims his use of rising star head band ‘his idea.’…In a recently filed suit, the entire nation of Japan has sued Smashing Pumpkins Inc for ripping off the ‘drummer wears headband gimmick.’ Also named in the suit are Charvel Guitars.”

And so on….

ANAISE, I love you so. In a word, I can’t let go.

Are we there yet?


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