Here’s a novel idea: ANAISE, ANAISE, ANAISE…

What’s the answer to every question? Why, it’s ANAISE!

What will be the death of me, Mommy?


They say in every barrel there’s at least one bad apple.


All day: ANAISE. When will it end?

Maybe if I just sang ‘Tommy Lee, Tommy Lee, Tommy Lee’ instead of ANAISE I’d have this puppy tamed.

So yes, same ‘ol song and dance.

At least Herr Producer and The Shredder feel that ANAISE 3.7 is more exciting and hit-like. As in hit me in the head, ANAISE.

So imagine no more JB/Famous Flame lope and think instead 4 on the floor. ‘Cause Howard said this is the beat all the dragons are imagining, and those discos and dredging, and so on.

Hey, I’m old enough to remember disco. And of course Steve Dahl’s infamous Comiskey Park incident. Look it up!

Someone wrote today and said the Cubs have lost their 10,000th game. If only they had ANAISE batting 3rd behind Ryno.

More ANAISE manana, Mama. Send me some angels, will ya?