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We’ve fired back up the starship and are back at it, blowing 2 amps today in our pursuit of a physical, muscular sound that will meet what’ll be flying drum-wise in 2 ½ weeks time.

After sorting a bass sound using the same primary gear as ‘OCEANIA’ (’63 Jazz, Reeve amp, SVT cabinet), eyes turned on my phalanx of 60’s-70’s-80’s heads: Marshalls, Laney, Sound City, etc. Though The Shredder and I would classify this as boring work, it does in the end save oodles of time when overdubbing and mixing; saving minutes as always being an imperative goal.

At least now we’ve got demo versions of T Lee’s drums to dial-in against; a huge advantage.

We’ve also whittled the field down to key guitar cabinets: The Mars (used on Gish, Siamese), and the Silver Ones (Mellon Collie, Zwan, Zeitgeist, Oceania), plus others used for touring and a vintage tweed Marshall. All good, all slightly different by degrees.

Tomorrow begins the additional mapping of overdubs and guitar arranging, as well as taking the bass lines past duh-duh-duh.


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