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The distinction of any endeavour is effort or luck. Great things of course require a bit of both.

And so it goes in any Casa de Rock: how hard vs fortune? Blessings of happenstance against the ability to hear.

With our 9 in play, we are counting on fortune to shine. The songs are good. Songs from a ghost perhaps. But I never forgot how to be popular. I just -at times- didn't care.

So what is left when having played Christ, Anti-Christ, Child, and Goat?

Christ at it's root means LOVE btw. So you can say I played lover, or sinner, or fool, or cow if that makes one comfortable.

What's left is to rock: in glory-a excelcius. And we shall.

A review today of all the elements revealed we are indeed ready.

From heaven, Ultimate Warrior voice: 'But are you????'


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