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“I’m about to lose what’s left of my mind…”

So, where do I begin? Idea was to dive into vocals-lyrics-harmonies, easy as you pleas-y. But…

Well, hold up, we finished one (ANTI-HERO), the accursed ANAISE next. I say accursed because it’s a fitful tiger, that. And my psyche bears the scars of a day’s worth of twisting the changes around, only to end up back to where we started. Why, some would ask? Well…

The song is in E minor. And yours truly wrote a chorus figure that repeatedly sings a high G (top ‘o my range). Herr Howard wants full voice, I protest. So starts trying out a lower octave, falsetto, alternate harmonies. Failure. Herr Howard repeats his desire that I kill myself, I mean sing at the top ‘o my God-given means. So starts trying to modulate keys on hitting the chorus, changing the E to G, or A, or B flat, C minor, or C sharp, and then D. Hours and hours of hope falling flat to more fitful failure flash. Snooze.

Tried straight E again, close enough with some minor changes. Jeff said E flat was better (the base key of Mellon Collie, yadda), and a quick flop through it says that’s where we’ll begin. But I’m determined to wake up and invent a new wheel.

Say a prayer, save a prayer, send a prayer to me-


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