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More ANAISE to start, but this round with the so-so bridge/chorus moved to solo status (thus voiding the so-so melody and turning the change to something epicurious). Also altered elegiac end so that it had less resemblance to adapted ‘SFAS’ bit; and I was happy (for once). Amazing.

Forging ahead, we tackled other said titles. What were they, you ask? I can’t remember. Ended on DRUM AND FIRE; I do recall that. And that is a rocking now with ambrosia-foiled tom-toms (In a big country…)

So only 2 more need-serious of the strong-arm tactics: BEING BEIGE and TIBERIUS. Which sets into motion SP-A (secret plan A!).

You’ll know all about it soon enough, dear friends. I swear (often).

And though this work may not read as exciting as past posts, it ‘tis the time for finishing, helping us to set an end date to recording by 8.15.14. Seriously.