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All we worked on today was ANAISE.

Focus was improving the song quotient of what is already an exciting piece. As in: shorten intro, build a better bridge, write a back chorus, tossing out the former middle 8 and inventing a new one; which also meant testing different keys to go to. From A minor to E, or D, or stay on C, or G (which was the key I was coming out of). D won!

Being tired, I was ready to go home but instead decided to stay and write a languid coda (nipped nicely thank you from a alternative tour version of ‘A Song For a Son.’

Reminds me of a conversation with a journalist about Oceania. He said: “Boy, you’ve done a good job on this album of ripping yourself off.” My reply, shocked as I was, went something like, “and how the fuck do you do that, seeing that I am I and if something came from me than it’s me that’s the arbiter of what’s mine.”

So yeah…