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Went at one song today and one song only. And that song was TIBERIUS; which I’d long ago identified at a tough cookie to crack. Because…the dang thing is in 9/8 (at least that’s what I’ve been told) and a’int so easy on the rhythmic eyes. But…it is awesome I must say as an epic piece and worth the trouble.

So trouble is what I got in trying to untangle what was the middle 8. I say ‘was’ because it ‘tis no more. Erased. Obliterated. My casual ode to ‘Godspell’ forgotten. Replaced by what for a brief moment was a sadder part, then a dirge-ing riff, then a bastardized version of one of the COUGARED. And then…some combo of said riff and a shred of the dirge.

That my friends took up my whole day. But that didn’t stop Chin Chin the Labrador wrecking ball from bouncing in and wreaking havoc.

She sends her regards.


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