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In the midst of our trawl, we started with a review of ‘HUPPY.’ “Too chirpy,” I said, so we tried it a little more darkly. “It was better the other way,” I said. “Let’s just do it straight. As simply as possible.” Improvement. Move on.

Tripped to ‘BOO,’ my latest. Started with an acoustic demo. Nice but wrong album. “Try it heavier,” Howard suggested. “It was better the other way,” Jeff said. After that, we left it alone.

Recut ‘ROUSTABOUT,’ Howards ‘jam.’ As it stands, a definite contender for ‘Day For Night’ album. And would be on this album if the album had swung more darkly. “

Now what?” I said out loud. Back through the COUGARS we fell. I circled round ‘SOLARA.’ “Too grunge though,” I offered, a negative buzzword in these parts. “Better if it was straight, or more psych.” Singing the melody I came up with an opening figure reminiscent of ‘Heaven and Hell’ Sabbath (Go Tony). Sketched out a basic 2-part guitar demo, and with some digi-magik made the beat that made it a rocka-rolla (Go Priest). Funny what a riff can do to a spine. So ‘SOLARA’ is back with the STARS.


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