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SAMMI, my beloved cat has a message: ‘Meow.’ And if you didn’t get it the other 4,004 times she’s told me, I’m guessing she’ll be back for more.

SAMMI and her brother, MR. THOM, are rescue cats from PAWS; a fantastic organization here in Chicago that is known for their no-kill shelters. So know that the 3 of us are to be featured on the next PAWS cover. An honor.

What’s that got to do with music? Nothing actually. But everything too…

For life is generally speaking good, and I believe because of that SAMMI can complain right in my ear after a long day of work; annoyed perhaps that I’ve been gone.

I’m speaking in circles.

What I mean to say is that the music we’re making is a direct result of the love around us.

And so it goes.

Started with a quick demo of a song written this morning. It’s called ‘HUPPY.’ Had a general review of the STARS left. General agreement is that the demos will stand till the deeper arrangement business starts next week.

This precipitated my saying, ‘Why don’t we spend the next 3 days trying to top what we have.” And with that I re-initiated work on ‘ANAIS’ (which was COUGARED). “ANAIS’ is a riff I’d come up with during the OCEANIA touring, but its shred-factor gets lost because it’s too busy. Stripping away what wasn’t essential about what sells in it, I locked a synth bass through a fuzz and ended on one drilling figure, and that broke down the guitar part until there was just a ghost left. Vroom! SP magik.


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