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Long, long day, but I’m happy to report we’re now past the halfway point as far as the 26 we began with. Started with ‘THE HUNTED,’ which if you may remember was one of those riff-type deals that had gotten the gussying up; chorus-style. Having added in some parts this morning, I was happy that my partners were receptive to the tweaks. Score: 1-0. ‘RUN TO ME:’ we decided there was no need an updated demo, and moved on; quickly. Score: 2-0.

“BURNT ORANGE-BLACK’ was next, and this is one of those songs that has that timeless ring to it. Slow, languid, but powerful, with a set of changes you could jam all night on. But…Howard said, “It’s no single,” and we agreed. Not that every song has to be a single, mind you, but ‘single’ here is code word for’ it could be better,’ or ‘this idea has more potential that it’s showing.’ With that I tried adding a stuttering guitar figure, and presto! Change-o! We at least had something that sounded radio-worthy, which is funny considering the staccato stuff was the only change. Shows you how thin the premise is a good song vs a great one. Etc, etc. Score: 3-0.

Quote of the day: “I’m intent on making some downside, magical shit.” Lastly, ‘PRETTY BLUE,’ our perusal leaving Howard with a pained look on his boyish face.

“Don’t like it?” I said.

“I do, but, hmm.”

Score: 3-1.

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