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Le Maestro Says

W.P.C says:

It was a day to remember

A day to forget

A day we’d rekindle

Those old lament…

Began with ‘WORLD’S ON FIRE,’ and with the cross-cut saw beat found the modern rock heavens. Biblical. Epicurious. Have you ever tried working on a rock song with a splitting headache? Song was BEING BEIGE, a hot rocker that Howard professed love for. “Ok,” I said from beneath thick grandma wraparounds. “We’ll try it.” And like all those riff songs, they go around and around till the thrill is gone and then someone suggests (might have been me), “shouldn’t there be, like, a chorus?” Eventually I’d tack one on, and it was good. Let there be light.

Here’s a snippet’s worth of a snippet.

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