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Our most productive day so far; picked up where we left off with ‘I SAID;’ fusing a COUGAR idea that had been set aside the first day back onto the shift into a wider chorus. As Howard said: “I don’t think I’ve ever heard you do that kind of change (meaning dynamic) in a song.’ To which Jeff replied, “And that’s a good thing!” We followed this up with ‘THE HUNTED’ (?), which has the distinction of being so catchy from the first you almost don’t know what to do with it. So Howard name checked some band I won’t mention and said how they’d had a hit where the bass carries the song forward (the guitars as such being held back). This prompted a running of the bass line (WALDORF) into a FOX-FUZZ, which sounded great; the song untouched and dosed with guitars at the appropriate moment. Next from the random pile was ANAIS: a riff I’d toyed with on the last SP touring cycle but hadn’t gotten far with; too busy I guess. But in the first round of demo-making I was able to turn the busy-body riff into a shoegazer wash which when laced with big, simpler guitars feels fatal.

Somehow all this fuzzing-about led to a discussion that maybe I should sell my Siamese Fuzz so I can buy more synths (a joke, mind you: sorta). Howard said “I’ll buy it,” and then quoted a price that I guessed was about 6 or 7 times less than I’d expect to get for a piece of equipment that launched a thousand sonic armies (another joke, not really). This prompted Jeff to say that perhaps we should get a company to clone the exact pedal. I agree! (Because none that have ever tried in my estimation have come close. An opinion).

Lastly, my eyes a-closing, we got into an idea without a melody (let’s call in DARKNESS and FLIGHT). To find one I’d pull up my recently purchased ARP SOLUS with drifting pitch and tap away; the underneath groove so alluring that I suggested that maybe this could be a song with but one change. But Jeff disagreed, and a search began for the elusive new part. Found one, chopped it in and left it at that. Not sure how good it can be, but let’s just say as I write this the loop of farkness and dight is stuck in my head.

And yes, we’re working tomorrow, post-other show for those who seem to think that one musical life does not somehow equal another.

Remember, when they ask for your occupation on a visa form, write: ARTIST. Not: NOT-ARTIST.


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