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MEMORABILIA MONDAYS: Bullet With Butterfly Wings Artwork

Burdock Blood, Bitters, "The Greatest of all Blood Purifiers"

"Suppose you have a poor appetite, scrofula, liver or kidney affections, or your health is run down. "Thousands troubled with the maladies ... have attained health and comfort by the use of these Bitters".

These advertisement cards were printed in the late 1800's. The backsides of these cards were covered with testimonials of people being cured from any and all issues. Seams like the perfect medicine! is now providing Memorabilia for Memorabilia Mondays

Interested in sharing unique items from your own personal collection? Send pictures and all information you might have to, and those selected will not only be featured on THE PANOPTICON, but receive insights from WPC as to whatever information he might

(or might not!) recall.

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