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“I am one as you are three Try to find messiah in your trinity Your city to burn Your city to burn Try to look for something In your city to burn, you’ll burn Am I as I seem?”

A rather rare sight; the first full Smashing Pumpkins release on vinyl, together with its promotional mailer. For this release of the song "I Am One" we have to go back to the very early years of the band: it was released in May 1990. At that time the band had signed with Limited Potential, owned by Mike Potential.

The recording of this song was financed with the money from Corgan's college tuition fund left by his grandmother. "I Am One" was re-recorded for the 1991 album Gish and a new single was released on Caroline Records and Hut Recordings. With only 1,500 copies pressed, this vinyl release of Smashing Pumpkins is highly sought after by collectors. There are apparently three test pressings also in existence, two owned by Billy Corgan and one by Limited Potential’s owner.

Notable fact: "I Am One" features a doubled guitar solo - a technique later used on songs like "Ava Adore", "Tarantula", and "Bring the Light". is now providing Memorabilia for Memorabilia Mondays

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