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When Real Isn't Real, and Fiction Is/Resistance Pro TV Show Update

According to various 'news' sources, Resistance Pro no longer has a television show in production. Which is funny, because I'm currently in Minneapolis with R Pro filming that 'cancelled' show.

Think of it this way: a band starts making album. But halfway thru process the Label they're on decides they only want a certain type of music (in this case: original programming, not unscripted). Band keeps making album while another label is found. Simple, but with various unknowns.

So here's what I can share: AMC Network so far has been great. As have our production partners Left-Right, who are with us here to film tonight's event. And though there are grim elements to a story like this (change, people getting fired) there might yet be a silver lining.

I for one have worked for 3 years on this, and after innumerable meetings and lawyers and all that jazz, I remained convinced that we have in our hands a groundbreaking show. Yes, that means to imply that you can have pro wrestling and groundbreaking in the same sentence.

And though there have been huge disappointments along the way (the least of which is the low hanging fruit: of rockstar + wrestling = stupidity, etc; the greatest involving how the addition of cameras turns usually normal folk into Pontius Pilate), I still hold on to the notion that it is better to try to break molds than preserve them. And with this show, as-yet untitled, we have; and if given the chance: we will.

But not before I take a sober look at what's involved. And not before I contemplate what any further interface with the world (beyond rock and roll) asks of me.

As most of you who read the Nexus know, I have a new album coming out in less than 2 months. And invariably I'll be asked, 'why do a show like this?'

The answer, if there is one, is because the show explores a truly unexplored sub-culture; filled as it is with good souls and troubled ones. And what happens to that sub-culture if you add, like a deus ex machina, a kind hand. If American cultural life is any indication, something innocent will be sacrificed for something cheap; and that, my friends, is where the real 'why' question should be asked.


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