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From Lionel comes this 'ol guitar (a Martin classical), one that I had in my possession from approximately 1998 until just a few years back, and is most notably known for being the lead instrument on ADORE'S 'TO SHEILA.' But what I didn't advertise (I should have) when selling it is that after the band relocated to LA (after ignominious beginnings in Chi-town), this was one of only 2 guitars I'd grab mornings to write and/or work on new songs. Now, I can't attest to what may have been penned here, but at least I can look and say that through this instrument flowed some of the lifeblood of that album; which is no mean feat in itself. For particular instruments shape the soul and body of an album, and why that *is I can't say other than I know the effect on me.

As a compatriot though I found this 1947-made lieutenant slightly lacking; as I'd struggle to keep it in tune, and post that album found little use for the nylon thud that is its strum. So yeah, there it sat, tucked away for a decade plus, essentiality unused until I figured it belonged in someone's hands who might appreciate it more than I; and perhaps I should have used it more, given what followed.

Or like they say: 'If you find a good woman, keep her…'


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