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From Tim:

This is the first pair of cats I was afraid of in my 3 years of volunteering, as they came into the shelter dirty & from a feral colony. Turns out the dirt was due to chicken soup being used as bait, and the carrier being shut fast with them inside and the soup got all over them. Hence their names.They put me in charge of bathing them the day they came in, and I was afraid it was going to end with me being chewed up. I took this photo before I began.


Turns out it was easy, no damage to me, nor them, got them clean and ready.Shortly afterwards, they went into foster care with Little Dougie to train them to be good cats, as seen in this video:

Dougie's been adopted already, but they're still available. I'd love to see them go as a pair.

This page has more photos and their bio:

They're at the Evanston Animal Shelter:

2310 Oakton Street, Evanston, Illinois 60202 (map)

Call (847) 866-5080 or email


Please submit photos

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