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photo credit: Drew Reynolds

photo credit: Drew Reynolds

Began RAVINIA solo show practice today in earnest, The Shredder and I having taken a few days off post-MTAE madness. And I must admit, pulling up to work today I felt that particular shudder one gets when returning to the scene of ‘something:’ be it trauma, dramas, or rot and roll. Writing that, a word for the wordly: a like my job, and my health is good; as is life. So please don’t read between the lines too much on the jokes, as I spent some of my AEGEA release party explaining to guests that what I share here is for bemusement, and not complaint; nor sympathy.

That said, I’ll be complaining plenty any second now about a host of stolen SP tracks that someone criminal out there is taking glee in leaking. So I hope they got a good lawyer, because the tips are already coming in as to who this person is, and SP Int’l will be prosecuting; if not to mention suing for big bucks. Stay tuned, more to follow on that.

Back to happy things…

Shredder and I have whittled down the voluminous list to 5 sections, each with its own ‘feel’ so to speak. And typing it in so that we might remember, I must say I was impressed how different this show will feel; the first of what I hope will be many, many more to come in what we’ll call a semi-acoustic feel.

While this was going on, SIDDHARTHA I must add is finally being transferred; a multi-day process given the 10 to 12 reels.


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