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Oh, how the mighty have fallen, only to rise again. In a splendiferous glory we ride, not quite like royals, but dignitaries nonetheless. Our backstage pass to the great gig in the sky, assured.

So yeah, anyway, cut RUN TO ME yesterday, and DORIAN today. That, boys and girls means just 2 are left: ONE AND ALL and BEING BEIGE; homilies as such for the gloried of heart!

Still, there are mountains to climb, and over ants we’ll step like Jane’s to avoid any more heavy karma then we’d collected on this journey. Guesstimate-wise, we’re two weeks from being finished, sans mix. Which reminds me, we as of yet don’t have a mixer, so if you have a suggestion tweet up my cats.

Finished the night with a bleary-eyed and over-stressed (or was it over-amped) Howard absorbing body blows from my Tama TechSTAR Syndrums of Desire. Think early Cars and you get da picture; courtesy of my man RTB!

Here’s a useless fact: my dog Chin Chin hates thunder, and there’s a storm coming in. You know, Windy City and all that…

Till we meet again!


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