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Cassie is a three year old kitty; she was turned into the Dupage County Animal Shelter at the beginning of last September when her human caregiver suddenly became homeless. At the start of December Purrs Rescue of Naperville pulled her from the shelter because no one was adopting her, perhaps because she is an adult kitty and has longer hair. Her adopter was shopping when she spotted Cassie in a crate at a local pet store with a $65 adoption special sign for adult cats.

Cassie's future Mom swears she was talking to her from inside the crate.(side note: Cassie's future Mom was not a "cat person") A week later she went home to her forever family.

She is the chattiest,most social kitty ever. "Meow," actually sounds a lot like "now" when Cassie speaks. As in "now" Mom please get me my chicken and rice, get me my toy mouse or just get out of bed.

Cassie's favorite things include cackling at chipmunks through the window, attempting to bust into the bathroom while her Mom is inside(everyone loves an audience) and teaching her human friend that daytime naps are a necessity.

Cassie's least favorite things include: when her Old English Sheepdog brother is over zealous,licks the side of her head and, that she is not allowed outside to conquer her bird antagonizers.


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