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Pictured above are two notable secret weapons, and though you may not recognize them on sight you’d know the damage they do if you’ve listened to SP circa 1993-2000. Put together they make what I’d call a ‘supersonic sound,’ and we went looking for that texture today to blast up the middle of TIBERIUS.

TIBERIUS as a work, minus vocal, is there now, having been fitted with a Steiner-Parker Synthacon over the top of the geetars; my detuning driving us nuts; for what is ‘in tune’ when the whole worlds out of---?

Oh, and ghosted in some keys behind the middle-8 march after using the secret weapons, which Jeff and Howard insisted be powered by the ‘ol Bat Strat. ‘Twas a good day!

We figure to be finished with all tracking in 3 weeks.

Now that’s GOOD news for the wicked-weary-aggrieved-sun deprived-misanthropees…


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