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Coming in today the plan was that I have a practice sing through MONUMENTS, and then we’d move on to finishing the remaining musical components (synth/bridge guitars, etc). But after a single take Jeff and Howard agreed that I should try to cut the vocal then and there. Three hours later or so I’d succeeded (or so they thought), and I plopped myself down to watch the World Cup.

The rest of the session (once I’d re-animated) was Jeff and I trying to fill what we call the ‘Bowie Bridge’ with dueling guitars (fail), and then adding one of my favorite synths of all-time: The Gleeman Pentaphonic (success). Legend has it they only produced a few (depending on who you ask), and considering it’s beautifully idiosyncratic tones I can kind of understand why it’s such a rare specimen.

But wait! We weren’t done. To play the counter melody I’d tinkle the fake ivories on a Freeman String Symphonizer (another rarity), and then we’d double that with a Polymoog. Holy Gary Numan! We got ourselves a rocker.

What’s left should be done by tomorrow. DRUM next.


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