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No, that is not 3 men sitting around a tribal fire. That would be a snare destroyed by T Lee, the lugs literally disemboweling from within. Sounds like the true definition of heavy drum vibes, no?

I’ve found by experience that when true rockers play, things melt, splinter, shatter; and people cry. Oh yeah: and poseurs perish.

So what are we really doing? Technically speaking, tracking drums against the last of the demos, and which when done will be re-adorned with: guitars, bass, vocals, bird calls, the howling storms of Odin.

Spirit wise we’re having a lot of fun, the stories shared the stuff of legend; rings in the fire narratives. Young man goes into a BLANK and then BLANK and BLANK happens. Which then requires a BLANK to be hired to clean up the BLANK.

Back to this reality we’re knee deep in ANTI-HERO, improving by degrees the songs continuity and storytelling. Which is a tough but pleasing process knowing we’re going the extra mile to bring the urgency required; for isn’t the world sleeping?

“Wait,” says Anonymous AL427, “what if I want to stay asleep? Isn’t that my right?”

Reply: “You mean though your every move is being tracked, cradle to grave, by commercial and technocratic entities?”

“Yeah! But they are my friends! I know because I’ve seen the commercials.”

“Sorry AL,” says multi-dimensional Billy, who embodies every era of his musical 9 lives in some sort of weird, anime time-warp construct. “The rock cannot be stopped.”

“But when you say ‘rock’ BC, that confuses me? Since every song on the new album is not heavy! Heck, one is even disco-like!”

“Buddy, that’s what the kids like. Haven’t you heard? But don’t worry. T Lee’s bringing the real deal upside your brain. Think spinning pentagrams digging into your cerebellum and you’ll get the idea.”

“Whoa, sounds cool, but scary too!”

Hearing that, BC, who is different than Billy, WPC, William, and Zero, patted AL sympathetically on the shoulder. “It is my friend. It is. Just trust you’ll thank us later.”


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