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Lots of bassin’ today, as all 9 tracks were covered, and then a continued trawl back through (in the same order) with rhythm guitar. So not much to report other than it’s a bit of an assembly line. The exciting part is within essentially 2 weeks time we’ll have everything set to go: lyrics, arrangements, drums, most guitar parts with only overdubs to write (visa vie guitars and keys).

This means we’re essentially on point to be finished with recording on schedule; a rarity! But that said, the album is leaner than most, with a hyper-focused tautness that feels steeped in some form of modernity; if modernity is progress and not moral decline.

A side line note for amusement: I’m currently mulling the release of a ‘best of’ (which if you heard the stuff you know I’m joshing) of my many demos from 1985-1986; something along the lines of AEGEA; where a limited-edition vinyl edition will do for the right crowd. Guessing, and given the rights issues of what I own outright and isn’t related to others, I’d say there might be 10-15 albums worth of stuff. And there to my surprise on tape 3 of 60 (or so) there was a song idea (long forgotten) called ANALISE. Unfortunately it wasn’t very interesting or would have made for a heck of a story. But there’s plenty of other stuff worth a chuckle or a nod: some goth, some heavy metal, and even some electronic stuff.


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