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Gonna keep this short, simple, sweet. First of ll, I blame Howard. Why? Because his quest for MONUMENTS (the song) has caused a domino’s fall of choices. But I jest, because ultimately our choices are limited by the tunes I write. And all agree MONUMENTS is a great idea. As are others, yet Howard feels this one has the edge. That said, he’s been stuck on the demo feel (drums, keys, bass vocals) as opposed to guitars over the top.

And I agree that the demo feel of MONUMENTS is pretty cool; that is for another band. I don’t think however that the general fan, etc would ‘get it’ as is; but with guitars it’s a no brainer. So now the song has geetars (again) and it’s back on; SOLARA off (for the arguments made previously). It’ll be a ringer for the second.

Rest of the day was spent losing mind over flawed recording of my MUSIQUE CONCRETE gig (think ground hum), rebuilding MUSIC MACHINE mega-synth, dithering with a new, as yet unnamed idea (with a Gene Loves Jezebel flair), and a nailing down of ANAISE arrangement. (Yet, it has an E now).

Tomorrow we’re back to aligning for recording, sorting through amps, basses, and guitars to further hone techtonic sounds you’ll find within the MTAE a-lbloom.

RAVINIA show goes on sale tomorrow. I’ll be on a few Chicago stations to promote. If you’re interested in going, Jeff and I are interested in seeing ya; if you get my gist.


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