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Wacky day in the sonic hacienda. Started innocently enough, with a review of our top 10. When it was over, we’d tossed 2 aside and mothballed a 3rd. Which leaves it to the BC-Monster to make new hit song, yeah? Because record I say is just not strong enough without that ever evasive ‘key track.’ What’s that mean in dear ‘ol Pumpkinland? Well, try imagining Siamese without Cherub or Gish without Siva and you get the picture. A song that I would say defines the album in a way that perhaps means it’s a single, but more so glues all the tracks together. We certainly have enough strong songs: MONUMENTS, OVERJOYED, AELITA, SOLARA, CARDINAL RULE, FULL SAIL, BURNT ORANGE BLACK that would Eazy e-ally make it on any album I’ve ever, (Jerhico) everrr done. So what’s the prob Bill?

Trouble in Pecos Junction begins when any album isn’t epic-stellar-fantastic-earth shakin’-blah blah blah. Because what in Sam Hill happens when they aren’t? That I shouldn’t have to answer.

So I feel we are that close to something special-grandiose-phatasmagoric-so beyond description that I’ll stop making up shit to say. Maybe I feel that about them all, but I have to trust what people I trust are telling me. So….

Back to it in the morning. We did traipse back through some stuff set we’d previously bypassed, but only ANAISE seems to have a riff that should begat more; but hasn’t (yet).

HERE’S CURRENT 7: RUN TO ME/BEING BEIGE/ONE AND ALL/ANTI-HERO/DORIAN/DRUM AND FIFE/TIBERIUS with MONUMENTS and OVERJOYED moved to next album; SOLARA in the pen; BURNT ORANGE BLACK most likely being the 10th; AELITA dead or ready for resurrection.

How apropos…


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