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Memorabilia Mondays: Ava Adore Release!

On this day, May 18, 1998, the single, "Ava Adore" was released!

The song was the 1st single off the album Adore and it peaked on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks at number 3!

Not many know about this songs uber rare and highly collectable promo called, ""Ava Adore" Live on Letterman (KROQ)".

Believed to be a radio promo exclusively for KROQ in Los Angeles. The song was recorded July 30, 1998 on West 53rd Street in New York City for the David Letterman Show.

Side Notes:

The music video for,"Ava Adore" was filmed in one long take. It is noted for its use of slow and fast motion while the speed of the camera is apparently static. While the band continues to lip sync to the song in perfect rhythm. The calculations required to work out the speed changes caused massive delays on set, causing the band to nearly call off the entire plan.

The music video won an award for "most stylish video" at the 1998 VH1 Fashion Awards. is now providing Memorabilia for Memorabilia Mondays

Interested in sharing unique items from your own personal collection? Send pictures and all information you might have to, and those selected will not only be featured on THE PANOPTICON, but receive insights from WPC as to whatever information he might

(or might not!) recall.

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