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Boy oh boy, what a crackin’ day! I mean, really! No time for synthin’ (what I call my personal time in front of the Music Machine Modular, and yes, I named that after the incredible band and no, I don’t have an endorsement). Having written a delayed post like this one, for I claim fatigue in the final push to finish album, I spent the rest of the morning preparing for putting the ADORE reissue news out. And then? Whammo Boy Wonder…

That’s life in the digital age, where we are all one click away from things being different. It’s all perceptional, for now that the ADORE info is out, what really changed? I can tell you the excuses are the same (usually a low level staffer is blamed), but funny how that was the excuse used the time before, and the time before that. Seems the whole world is one button push away from a, you guessed it, low-level staffer blowing up the planet. But I digress; again.

What’s this junky-junk have to do with my new album? Not much except it put me in a funny mood for working optimistically on music. ‘Cause one could deduce I’m only setting up to walk into the same buzzsaw, again (and no, I don’t have an endorsement).

SO, I was late for work, but was pleased to find TIBERIUS in good shape despite my boozy, glam solo. SHREDDER added some counters, as I call them, and we moved on.

“Now I want you to know I didn’t say ANYTHING that you said I said on your blog,” Howard told me, looking as if I’d done something unfair.

“People know that I’m just joshing, usually,” I replied. “And besides, those things are a composite of what goes on here.”

He looked askance. “That’s true.” Which made me laugh.

“Wait till you see what I write tomorrow!”

So in mighty defense of Howard I want to tell you how much I love him as a friend and respect him as a man. He’s really, really one of the hardest workers I’ve ever had the pleasure of being in the dugout with, and trust me, over the course of a long album project that means a lot. I like to think he puts up with me because of my talent, and roots for my success as well because he knows just how lame the music business can be. In that, he sees SP as a bulwark against the oncoming tide. Of what’s in that tide I won’t bore you, but it a’int flowers and rainbows.

And when Howard’s down, he likes his ice cream. I’d say he reached for one that I know of about 10 PM.

“Ah, look,” I said to Shredder. “He feels he’s earned it.”

In between the hours of 3 and then I’d say we got f%&@ done. Why? Can’t say: weird tech issues, lost ideas, wear and tear. But from 10 to midnight (capping a 12 hour day) we managed to skip the lame-demo keyboards and shift RUN TO ME towards Numanland (right next to Newfoundland), with the Voyetra and Prophet VS rounding out the ‘orchestra.’

Dang though, still need a new title. I’m leaning towards HEARTS AND MINDS.

Oh, and from 12 on it was to ZUZU’S, to oversee packing of AEGEA’S to be shipped, which starts today. Thanks for everyone’s patience. That said, it looks aweeeessssssooommmeee (and yes, that’s an endorsement.) Once we get through the initial run, we’ll be offering the single disc edition for sale. At least all those materials are HERE.


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