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To start off RESCUE FRIDAYS we thought it would be best to show off our brother and sister Isis and Darko with everyone! We were rescued by PAWS CHICAGO and adopted all together from the same litter in a cardboard box by Daddy WPC and Bjorn. Sometimes when Daddy WPC goes on tour we get to stay with Isis + Darko. This photo was taken at a cat party from when we were kittens. We still love to cuddle together.

And FYI, this is Sammi typing. Mr.Thom just its on the warm keyboard and plays with photobooth.

Remember if you would like to submit a photo + bio to RESCUE FRIDAYS Please submit photos and a little bio of your rescue animals to and we will select one special rescued animal to post on 'THE PANOPTICON' every Friday! Meow.

Oh and follow us on twitter. meow @mrthomandsammi

Mr.Thom + Sammi xo

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