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In documenting what has been one of the strangest weeks of my studio life, I’ve run out of descriptors for the barrage of crackles, snaps, fizzes, and poof-poofs we’ve faced in attempting the most basic of recording functions. So in session we've stared down more of the same, although thankfully nothing blew up! But here’s a list of the wounded for one day: 2 matched mics that were found to be not functioning, an old board with a mysterious hum (later fixed), lightning strikes coming through my pickups, inexplicable amp hums, and a computer that decided to open up a channel despite it being closed; each issue killing valuable recording time.

So in a weeks time we’ve probably only ‘worked’ for half of it with great productivity, which is frustrating knowing all basic guitars would be done by now. But they’re not. Perhaps there is a divine reason for this, and in that I’ll go with the adage that ‘God’s will is your will.’

Anyway, finished acoustic (60’s J-200) and electric (BC Strat into 2nd Marshall plexi; a softer tone ironically) for BEING BEIGE, and then my side of TIBERIUS: my vintage Laney amp run though a variac to steam forward at what the man said was its preferred US power.

Only ANAISE is left. How typical.


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