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Oh cheesus louises, where do I begin? Try 3 blown amplifiers and one near casualty.

Day began with “let’s try TIBERIUS,” and moments later there went my Marshall; the speaker cable actually fusing to the input jack by melting; a first.

“Let’s try my Laney,” I told Howard. “Sounds alright,” he said, prompting The Shredder to mention, “Well, Iommi used to use the line driver.” And while the amp lasted it did sound good. Until that puff of smoke. Poof!

So that sent young Ryan off to the amp repair people, who were kind enough to work towards a quick turnaround. “Ok,” I said to Howard, “let’s try DRUM.” And in recalling the sound from the demo (Selmer 50, Strat), oops, there goes that amp too. Or so I thought. 3 hours later, we had located some issues (shorting speaker cable), but not all.

Back came the Laney from the shop. And it did sound good until it blew up AGAIN.

DRUM got done, thankfully. As did RUN TO ME (with a double of the TONIGHT, TONIGHT 335).

Does that sound rock and roll enough for ya?


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