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On ‘AEGEA,’ the 2007 experimental recordings by WPC, a first run of 250 copies has been ordered with 50 of those being colored vinyl. As those are expected to arrive soon, only the printing of the gatefold covers is left as an issue before determining release.

The double disc set will include 5 shorter pieces, with 2 album-side extensions that are altered renderings of pieces 3 and 5. No titles are yet listed, but on the day of order a single excerpt will be shared.

The break-out of availability will be as follows: 200 copies via Madame Zuzu’s online store, 30 copies at Madame Zuzu’s Teahouse itself, 10 copies by way of the famed Vintage Vinyl in Evanston, IL, with 10 set aside for promotion.

The pending release is expected no later than mid-May.

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