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Worked through 4 songs today: TIBERIUS (with new and improved epic wizard part), THE SPANIARDS (de-lovely and expansive, set aside for ‘DAY FOR NIGHT;’ I think), OVERJOYED (a Howard fave, so you know what that means hand-waving fans), and MONUMENTS (which if memory serves had been COUGARED).

So beyond DORIAN (our final task from the original 26), we have traipsed through them all. In terms of work this means we’ll go into a further round of pre-production next: guitar/bass sounds, amplifiers, drum approach, lyrics, final arrangements, even headphones and all sorts of non-exciting stuff that makes those sonic differences that add up overdub after overdub. And even though a lot of this rigmarole tries my patience it does save time in the end, which is important because we’d like to get this music out to you as soon as possible: finished, mixed, and riffs blazing.

Not sure of our numbers now (as in 26 minus ?), but next week we’ll have to cut down to at least 12-13 songs for ‘Monuments’ album, with even more cuts to follow.

It’s gonna be hard.

Highlight of the day was our use of a clone of the pedal pictured above. Nothing like playing a phased, stereo Mellotron!


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